A Home To Go To

All these people filing through

Where you gonna to sleep tonight?

Pokey flats and high rise homes

Urban semis and townhouse thrones

River barges on the Thames

Chelsea Mews and City gems

Hotel apartments and B and B’s

Chapel houses and monasteries

Everyone goes home to sleep

The moving stream a vigil keeps


It’s good to know we have a home

God help them all that’s left alone

Residents of cardboard city

Sleepers in doorways more’s the pity

And many blasted in Izyum

In makeshift graves they lie unsung

Now recovered for honour due

To every person we should be true


And when the end is come at last

And we are finally laid to rest

The question is what happens then?

Where you gonna to sleep tonight?

The answer comes the promise given

In the land of blessed light


Brian Fahy

16 September 2022

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