The Pace Of Life

You cannot always win

Sometimes you lose

You cannot always be your best

Sometimes you cannot choose

Sometimes the wind blows fair for you

Sometimes the wind blows foul

Sometimes you are just so tired

And life just takes it toll


The premier league demands success

Nothing less will do

Big boys and their moneybags

Fans demanding too

This all bread and circuses

Keep us entertained

The moguls and the masses

Making life so strained


MPs shout in parliament

Wanting to be heard

Confrontation all the time

Avalanche of words

It gives us great importance

That we are in the swim

Give me the quiet life anytime

Away from all this din


There is a better pace of life

We do not need the stress

We need the stillness of the heart

And a little tenderness

We need to pay attention

Give others due regard

Everyone has a part to play

This world is our schoolyard


Brian Fahy

8 September 2022


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