The Day That’s In It


If we knew what was before us

We wouldn’t start at all

It’s a mercy that it’s hidden from us

Or we’d turn and face the wall


On my way home from shopping

There’s a long clear stretch of road

If I look out to the far end

My bag is a heavy load


But if I concentrate on here

Just where I put my feet

I’ll walk that road in no time

And then my home I greet


Thank God our life is parcelled

From one day to the next

And peaceful dreams of night time

Remove what we found vexed


I give you just a simple day

From dawn to setting sun

Be grateful for the gift of it

See how the minutes run


Every morning ask the Lord

To bless this brand new day

To reconcile you to your life

To lead and show the way


Brian Fahy

25 August 2022

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