Jesus and Sex

Matthew 19:3-12


The Taliban hide their women

We put them on display

No one gets it right

Even to this day


We make a god of pleasure

And woman is the field

Her beauty our obsession

Her fate with us is sealed


The Lord is asked a question

Can men do what they like?

We are male and female equally

Get that inside your psyche


Two become one body

Face to face in love

A life to live together

With the help of God above


Brian Fahy

12 August 2022


+ We would not be so crude as to say that men can do what they like, but in fact we live by this spirit and it is destroying so many lives. When God is dismissed and the values of goodness, truth and justice are as plasticine in our hands, our passions rise to the surface and become gods over us. Such is the power of sex in society. If not channelled by love, sex becomes a dominant force seeking its own fulfilment, and women and children pay the price.

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