Barcelona Airport

A man stole my wallet in the airport

I felt it found him would not let him go

Eventually he dropped it

Using slight of hand

I picked it up and looked at him

Disgusted let him go


I value what is mine

It’s part of me

The wallet held a photo of my son

I despise the act of stealing

I felt angry with the man

Do I forgive him?

He isn’t here – so no!


Forgiveness needs relationship

Like everything we do

We need to be connected

I need to know of you


Only in relationship

Can human life begin

We practise kindness every day

Or else we fall to sin


Brian Fahy

11 August 2022


+ Forgiveness is spoken of too glibly in human life. We ask God to forgive us our trespasses, and to help us to be open to live peaceably with everyone. But forgiving people who offend us deeply is no easy matter. ‘Not seven times but seventy-seven times’ is not about number but about attitude. Not easy.

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