‘Restorer Of Ruined Houses’

Derelict dwellings

Old houses found in France

Lovingly restored

Brits taking a chance


Old stones

Old stories too

Rise up from the ground

Couples take on the challenge

Something quite profound


A project they propose

This our life shall be

Something beautiful we make

It will make us free


Even my life

A project

Every day arise

Build up the world around you

Goodness is the prize


Even ancient buildings

Can have new life in them

And though the body ages

The spirit is the gem


Brian Fahy

2 August 2022


Help! I Bought A Village, on Channel 4, tells us stories of people finding old, abandoned places in France and Italy, and dedicating themselves to restoring them, and in so doing, building up their own lives too.


Every day of our lives we can dedicate ourselves to building and restoring our broken selves. Even old age, like old buildings, can find itself renewed.

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