Let Healing Happen

Matthew 14:22-36


There is no point to Jesus

If Jesus is only then

But he is not he’s now

Today and yes again

His power to heal is every day

His power to teach goes on

He feeds bread to the hungry

His strength is ever strong


They thought they saw a ghost

Upon the stormy sea

Lord if it is you

Bid me come to thee

Safe they came to land again

And people sought to touch

Even the hem of his garment

To heal what hurt so much


Every contact with the Lord

Brings healing in its wake

Let faith approach so quietly

And ask for heaven’s sake

Today it is salvation comes

This house is blessed to say

Not worthy to have you here with me

But here you choose to stay


Brian Fahy

1 August 2022


+ The gospel today itemises Jesus teaching, feeding, walking on water and healing those who touch the fringe of his cloak. All and any contact with the Lord is healing, by its very nature. Simply seek to touch the hem of his cloak and healing will happen in you.


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