Car Crash

My father loved to drive a car

On holiday in Ireland

Sunny day and window down

Elbow on the ledge

Cigarette and Irish breeze

I can see him yet

But this was leisure driving

And even when at home

He never drove at speed

He liked to come on home


He taught my brother how to drive

Let them go he said

When others on the road

Went zooming on ahead

Take your time and do things right

My dad’s philosophy

He’d seen the world and what it’s like

The quiet life for me


We make a car crash of our lives

When speed becomes our god

We think we are invincible

Our will the only rod

But cars they isolate us

A moving noisy box

Escape into the open air

Take off your shoes and socks


I remember times in Ireland

When we were in a car

And on the road a donkey and cart

Not going very far

But from the moving limousine

The sense came over me

I’d rather be with the donkey

And the sense of being free


Brian Fahy

15 July 2022


+ The struggles of Tiger Woods on the golf course of St Andrews as he tries to make a good score remind us of how his life fell apart and of the car crash that nearly killed him.

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