The Peaceful Heart

The sacred heart of Jesus

The silence of a church

Flickering of a sanctuary lamp

Encourages the search

A peaceful heart we’re looking for

A place to be at rest

Labour and overburdened

We seek our own dear nest


Yet every day we travel

From early morn till dusk

All our calm unravels

Who are we to trust?

The Lord gives invitation

Come to me and see

My yoke is easy my burden light

Time to trust in me


The Lord who went through torment

Who stood before his foes

Who bore our weight of sin and shame

Who suffered all the blows

He is the saviour of mankind

The one who calls to me

Be gentle humble in all you do

You’ll get there just you see


Brian Fahy

14 July 2022


+ As life means relationships, peace is to be found in our relationships, and foundationally, in our relationship to self and fundamentally, in our relationship to the Lord. Where honesty, kindness and love are practised there is our peace.


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