Autumn Years

In the days of our retirement

What are we to do?

No different than we’ve always done

Be good to me and you

The question to Pope Francis

Were he to step down

He said he’d go and settle

In another part of town


And go each day into the church

And sit there in a box

And let the people come to him

To counsel them and talk

To be a helpful person

Until his dying day

To greet each one who came to him

To smile and yes to pray


So here is our vocation

As the years go rolling by

To live our days in patience

Be friendly by and by

To share the wisdom of our days

Give courage to the young

And show the way to freedom

And the life of kingdom come


Brian Fahy

13 July 2022


+ Pope Francis, in a recent interview, was asked what he would do if he retired from being pope. He said he would go and live in another church in Rome, as the retired bishop of Rome, and he would go each day to sit in a confessional and invite people to come to talk to him, and so be useful to them that way.

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