Stand By Me

“If you do not stand by me, you will not stand at all.’ Isaiah 7:9


Speaking truth to power

Is a phrase we like to hear

For power can get out of hand

And truth is ever dear

And truth is now disputed

Who will you believe?

When powerful men know everything

And conspire to deceive


Putin took me by surprise

I wasn’t expecting war

War belonged in history

Or in places very far

But very far is now so near

And all of us drawn in

Vital then that we should learn

The virtue from the sin


I listen to Noam Chomsky

John Mearshimer as well

I find their talk enlightening

I buy what they now sell

America’s de facto power

That has so ruled the globe

Threatens the likes of Russia

Now that truth must be told


The East/West confrontation

It hasn’t gone away

The world of 1945

Is prolonged into this day

Our ‘liberal democracy’

We think so very fine

But we too can be guilty

Of terrible unjust crime


It does not serve to go around

Blaming them not us

It takes two to tango

Two to make a fuss

And the truth that I must come to see

And bring into my mind

Is why are you so mad at me?

And are we both now blind?


Brian Fahy

12 July 2022


+ We perceive Russia and North Korea and China as ‘unfree’ societies, and we perceive ourselves as open, honest societies, liberal and democratic. But internally and externally we are all sinners and all at fault, as the latest information about events in Afghanistan reveal. We put soldiers in intolerable situations and then shake our heads when they behave badly.


My father, who went through the Second World War, referred to war as a mug’s game. Nobody wins – everybody loses. But such warfare is not only that played out with guns and bombs. All antagonistic conversation and negative speaking is an act of war.



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