A Demanding Task

It’s easy to support Ukraine

To cheerlead from the side

Take a plane and go there

Boris in his pride

But people suffer on the ground

War is cruel and cold

Don’t be sending armaments

Let dialogue take hold


The big boys are at play here

Russia and US

This the case for all my life

The world a warring mess

It’s easy to apportion blame

Doesn’t get us very far

What’s needed is the skilful game

To end a foolish war


The Lord’s advice to all of us

Help all those in need

Love your enemy as yourself

That the powerful creed

This is the road to Jericho

Do not walk alone

Greet all persons that you meet

Then you’ll come safe home


Brian Fahy

10 July 2022


+ All conflicts, personal, social and political, invite us every day to study the teaching of Jesus on how to deal with those who oppose us. We often dismiss the Lord’s teaching as unrealistic, when in fact it is simply very demanding. Offer the wicked man no resistance. Walk two miles with him.

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