Life Journey

It’s time I were ‘dee-ing’

My mother said one time

Old age and weariness

She felt then in decline

She lived for 94 good years

The last two in her bed

Good and patient to the end

To yield herself to God


My father too those years before

Lay silent in his bed

Lost the power of speech by then

His life a sermon said

His journey from a little boy

Through mine and war and mine

A family of four he left

71 his time


Our life is not a jumble

Of chaotic random days

Each day a new day’s journey

Something new to say

Something new to hear and see

A step along the way

Make sure you come to journey’s end

Awake alert I pray


Brian Fahy

9 July 2022


+ Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, the Lord says. Be afraid of allowing your own soul to be ruined in the hell of misery.

Pope Francis, in his recent letter on the Liturgy, speaks about the Liturgical Year and its cycle of the seasons, and of how we can journey through life in tune with the journey of the Lord, from birth, through death and into resurrection. Our days are not random and chaotic. They are daily steps along a road to a definite and wonderful destination.   

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