Road To Jerusalem

Will you take the road that leads to life?

Or turn aside to follow your own whim

Or simply stop and settle where you are

Indifferent to virtue and to sin


The Lord sets out Jerusalem his goal

He knows what waits him there but still he goes

Is he a fool to walk into that den?

Avoid the place the danger heaven knows


But death will find us out so what we do

The road leads to our dying day we know

And how we meet it that is ours to do

In honesty yes that’s the way to go


I call upon the Lord to lead the way

To shine his light and call me every day

And grace to humbly walk the path he trod

And lead me home at last unto my God


Brian Fahy

26 June 2022


Luke 9:51 Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem. It is the journey of his life and he will face it. Our life journey also asks us to face each day and to walk the path before us. Do not fear or be afraid. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly with your God.

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