The Way We Came

Melvyn Bragg looks back

Back in the Day

We all look back

To see the way we came

What brought us here?

How did we come to be?

The person that we are

And is it fair?


Well life’s not fair

Let’s state that to begin

What gets us through is love

If love is in

And if it’s not

We do the best we can

Though many fall

And fail and pack it in


You will be scattered

And I all left alone

The world will give you trouble

Heart of stone

But all the hurt and harm this world can give

I have overcome

So you may live


Do not walk the road of life alone

Call upon the Lord

At every turn

Be brave the Lord admonishes today

Believe in him

Let that candle burn


Brian Fahy

30 May 2022


+ Rachel Cooke, in the Online Guardian, reviews a memoir, Back In The Day, by Melvyn Bragg, recalling his early life in Cumbria. Atmospheric and emotional, the book brought back to Cooke the things that really matter, and made her feel so glad, in her own life, ‘to be tethered to certain people and certain places.’


+ The Gospel today speaks about the catastrophe of Christ’s imminent death and the scattering of the disciples. In the world you will have trouble, Jesus says. Making our way through life it is the great blessing to have family and friends to support us, and in our heart of hearts to have the burning flame of faith in God.

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