Little Children

Thoughts and prayers don’t fix it

Although they are kindly meant

Children killed in school

Dispatched and heaven sent

A sick and lonesome gunman

Letting off some steam

Buys himself a rifle

This world can be so mean


And Americans still resist the change

Freedom loving folk

This is the bold wild west you know

We don’t like a yolk

We have an embedded right in law

The right freely to bear arms

Too bad those children getting killed

But such are life’s alarms


The American love of freedom

And fear of getting killed

These two forces combine arms

To keep all changes chilled

That freedom is a licence

Look out for number one

Too bad what happens to other folk

Just life under the sun


Brian Fahy

25 May 2022


+ Our love of freedom can become a very selfish thing, just looking after our own in a big, frightening world. The gun is the expression of such self-concern. We need to change our understanding of personal freedom, and we need to remove the fear that feels the need for guns. Until these changes develop in society we will continue to be at the mercy of sick and lonesome gunmen.


+ I grew up in the UK on a diet of western comics and films, imports from America. It is sad to think that my world of childhood fantasy is a daily reality in the U.S.


+ The love of individual freedom is a powerful factor in life. I think the Tories hold power in the UK because they play on that love of individualism. It is a form of cooperative selfishness. It is okay for those who are inside the Coop but many get left outside, and this will lead to social unrest and strife.

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