Standing At The Cross

Sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves

For life is hard

And things go wrong

And we feel left alone

And we look for what might cheer us

Bring brightness to our sky

But truly life is hard

For you and I


And then I think of Jesus

And all that he endured

And how it all came crashing down

His loveliness was skewered

Whatever sorrows we have known

Whatever pain we feel

The Lord he walked that very road

His suffering so real


All the hurt and harm we do

All our dark despair

All the agonies of life

He knew yes he was there

And in these sunny Easter days

His words hit home anew

You will be my witnesses

My risen life in you


The cross is lifted from the earth

Where goodness was destroyed

Today the sign of hope for us

A light within us buoyed

Do not let your hearts be troubled

The loving Lord had said

Stand by the cross and live the day

Always look ahead


Brian Fahy

23 May 2022

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