Best of Both Worlds

From cobbled streets and pavements

From coal dust in the air

From the sound of looms in the local mill

From schoolyard noises there

From trolley buses rattling

From floods down Shakerley Road

From a game of bowls at Paddy’s Hump

From sink slutch by the load

From black faced miners coming home

From pigeons in a loft

From allotments and from whippets

From birds that coughed a lot

From Tyldesley’s heavy industry

From factory mill and mine

From Tyldesley railway station

In the summertime


To Ireland over the rolling sea

Dun Laoghaire harbour walls

To Westland Row and boarding train

Driver’s whistle calls

To Mullingar Roscommon

To Manulla in the west

To Ballina and Bangor

And places I know best

To Carrowmore the Big Turn

And to the river side

The glory of my mother’s home

And to Glencullen side


The transformation total

Lancashire industry

Mayo in the morning mist

Irish peasantry

Farm and field and mountainside

River running wide

All my summers in my mind

And in my heart abide


Brian Fahy

20 May 2022

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