He’s from Kilkeel you know

The Church of the Narrow Place

The southernmost town in the North of Ireland

He’s almost in the other place


And now he is sitting in the road

Holding up the traffic

The wind has changed direction

But he is out to wreck it


I can’t say I am keen on him

Being as I am green

And he a bright bold orange

And loyal to the queen


And always a hot potato

Ulster will not change

Until the whole of Ireland

Becomes brand new range


I understand resistance

To things we cannot face

But the time I hope is coming

For a future to embrace


And Ireland’s wounds can heal at last

A place for everyone

An end to all the violence

An end to bomb and gun


I hope the younger people

Free from hate and hurt

Can make a brand new nation

Can make a brand new start


Brian Fahy

16 May 2022

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