Damascus Road

He was going to put the world to rights

His world

The way he saw it

He’d studied scripture knew tradition

The upstarts won’t redraw it

And so he took Damascus Road

Warrants in his hand

Arrest and persecute them all

Their movement will not stand


We put the world to rights

We do

When sitting in a pub

But wrongs are never far away

And therein lies the rub

We have to live as this world is

Not as we would like it

And persecuting others is

A foolish game so strike it


Northern Ireland

Lets us see

The foolishness of conflict

So many died their memory

Cries out for intellect

Fall to your knees

Who are you Lord?

The best the only question

And in the silence of the heart

Resolve to be your best one


Brian Fahy

6 May 2022


+ The story of Saul who became Paul teaches us powerful lessons about the futility of violence, the short-sightedness of biased thinking, the dangers of partiality and the beauty of new sight that is given in God’s grace.

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