Ancient Hatreds

Celtic – Rangers

Is an ancient feud

It brings together green and blue

Catholic Protestant

Irish Scot

All in a Glasgow stew


I’ve witnessed a bit of it

Been insulted in my time

Had vicious faces turned to me

The hate is like a crime


Poverty was the source of it

And famine times the time

When Irish came to Glasgow

Into a foreign clime


And foreigners they were

Among the local poor

Where homes and work were scarce

And people shown the door


Two tribes now thrown together

The cause of each one’s woe

And so the hatred grows and grows

And the fighting toe to toe


Alphonsus in his missions

Was familiar with feuds

Ancient wrongs had festered

Families out for blood


He brought the families to the church

And before the crucified

He brought a healing mercy down

And folk were reconciled


Ancient hurts don’t go away

They fester and they burn

Unless you bring a healing power

And cause the foes to turn


Vicious hate can catch the soul

Important that we pray

That Celtic Rangers is helped to heal

And we can football play


Brian Fahy

3 May 2022


+ Things don’t heal unless we help to heal them. Not by punitive sanctions, but by initiatives of meeting and cooperation. Alphonsus Ligouri in southern Italy was a man of great energy and wisdom, who had the ‘smell of the sheep’ on him. His involvement with people was deep and lasting. He came across many ancient feuds among country people and through preaching and negotiation he brought warring families to the church and reconciled them.

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