Image of God

The Holy Shroud

Medieval forgery or holy souvenir

Like Jesus himself

Did he exist? Say some

Or is the story true?


And why would people make up a tale like that!

And why would people give their lives for it!

The image on the shroud it haunts us still

The crucified is risen that’s the tale

The brutalised is beautiful

Which do you think is true?

The Holocaust and Hitler

Or the inner truth of you


For we are the image of our maker

You are the spit of him we often say

But we have lost our lustre

The shine lies in the dust

We do not see our loveliness

Just cruelty and lust


And Jesus cries out from the cross

Why have you abandoned me O Lord

They wrapped him in that shroud

Imprinted loveliness

The risen Lord is here

Let us confess


Brian Fahy

17 April 2022


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