Manulla Junction

Manulla Junction

A platform in a field

A transfer point for passengers

Here the train will yield

But only for a moment

Step down then off again

To Castlebar and Westport town

Here comes the Dublin train


And those left on the platform

Will cross a step or two

And join the local carriage

And Ballina will do

Then all is quiet once again

Manulla falls asleep

Its duty done the hours have run

And many a one did weep


Here departing people

Said goodbye to home

Stood on this bare platform

Soon they’d cross the foam

But Manulla stood and waited

One day they’ll return

My mammy came and stayed for good

Westport became her home


The Railway Tavern closed its doors

The platform entrance too

But a grandson came to open up

His dreams for me and you

The old place is refurbished now

It stands beside the line

I wish them well a hallowed spot

From out the mists of time


Brian Fahy

6 April 2022


+ My sister, Tricia, married a man from Roslahan, not far from Manulla, fifty years ago this August. That summer we all went to a local pub, John Tom Clark’s. It had a dance licence but only two couples at a time could take to the floor. The world’s a small place!

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