Bygone Days

Ireland of my childhood

Was a land of yesterday

Where my mammy came from

Where we spent holiday


Where people left in thousands

And never did come home

Where songs of lonesomeness were sung

Where Tom Mac wrote the poem


A place of moor and mountain

West coast wilderness

Of boxty and potatoes

And family tenderness


Where everything was slow lane

Sit down now take your time

A world away from Lancashire

From coal dust and from grime


It was a magic wonderland

Of cows and hens and stream

Of lively loving cousins

Better than any dream


My wealth and my inheritance

Stayed with me through my days

That Ireland may have gone now

But in my heart it stays


Brian Fahy

6 April 2022


+ Growing up in Lancashire and spending all my summers in Erris, County Mayo, is wealth beyond riches. My whole life is founded on the joy of my childhood days.


The poem/song referred to is ‘Down by Glencullen Side’. I found a recording of this song yesterday on YouTube by Tommy Maloney. It was written by Thomas McManamin, the poet, who lived beside the bridge in Glencullen. I am told that my uncle, John Carey, might also have contributed to the song.

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