My cousin Ray taught geography

He would have well explained

The water we call Turlough

Now here now quickly drained

The limestone rock of Ireland

Sixty-five percent!

Once a warm and tropical sea

I wonder where that went!


But now a Turlough has refused

To up and go away

The plug now in the plug hole

Seems determined now to stay

A sorry state for people there

And sorry for the swans

No reed beds now to shelter them

They look for others ones


Roscommon Council and interest groups

Are crossing swords on this

The Council tried a short cut

To try and solve the mess

But EU rules have halted them

A study must be done

The longest way round a local said

Is often the shortest way home


Brian Fahy

29 March 2022


+Lough Funshinnagh in Roscommon is a turlough, a lake that dries up. But now it has refused to do so. There is an article in the Guardian today, explaining the story.

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