City and Glen

No skyscrapers here, Uncle Hugh, I said

I had come from London’s crowded streets

High-rise buildings everywhere buses running by

Tarmac pavements constant noise

Airplanes in the sky

Now here I stood in mammy’s glen

In a quiet evening sky

The still of hillsides all around

The river running by

Moor and bog

An evening breeze

A lifetime’s work all done

Uncle Hugh for Bangor

A peaceful setting sun


Now the sun sets here on me

At seventy-five years old

A quiet life by Stirling town

Not crowded here not cold

A gentle evening to my life

Grandsons near at hand

The old have gone

The young appear

I sit in my grandstand


And every day my mind goes back

To that lovely lonely glen

To the days when life was everywhere

Along the river’s run

Children at play and going to school

Men out in the field

Bringing turf home for the fire

And boxty for your meal


It was my playground right enough

Heaven on earth to me

Away from mills and coalmines

And England’s industry

Here by the western ocean

On the edges of the world

I’d found a buried treasure

A simple life unfurled


Brian Fahy

23 March 2022 

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