Righting Wrongs

The world needs justice, not revenge

Answer for the things you say

Pay for what you do

Put things right


Peace for me and you


Forgive someone even seven times?

Peter is stretching it

Trying to understand the Lord

How much is enough of it?


Numbers do not matter

Attitude is all

The name of the game is mercy



Think of God and what he sees

The wickedness of men

Why he doesn’t destroy us all

Well beyond our ken


He does not let off lightly

The punishment is in the crime

You destroy yourself completely

You know it every time


Let goodness live within you

Suffering will come

But mercy will embrace you

Justice will be done


Brian Fahy

22 March 2022


+ When terrible things are done, people need to be brought to justice, and victims need help to heal. We struggle not to do evil in return. Justice is the great call. Revenge is the destructive force. God preserve us from revenge, help us to cease fire, and heal us in his mercy.

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