Facing The Issue

Endless view

Long horizon

No one to talk to

Nor set your eyes on


Feeling sad

Needing to talk

Asked to go home

Sent for a walk


Met a crisis


No discussion



Then the big one

Talking therapy

All came out

Self authority


Still long struggle

Full of fear

Don’t want to lose

What I hold dear


Crunch time came

Face to face

What will I do?

I found my place


Brian Fahy

22 March 2022


+ Julia Samuels is a psychotherapist. A quote from her in the Guardian today – Nothing can be fixed unless it is faced. I have found this to be true. The trouble often is that we are frightened to face something because we fear what we find may upset us too much. It took me a long time to leave priesthood even after counselling had helped me achieve self-authority. I feared facing the thought that I might lose Margaret and Michael, and remain in priesthood. A day came, thanks to a visitation, when I had to decide what am I going to do. I spent nine days in Ireland, visiting my aged mother, and simply being quiet and still. There were no words left to speak. I just faced into the issue. I came back to England and that night it was as if a huge curtain suddenly drew back and my path into a new future was there, and open to me.

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