Where Do I Start?

What is the starting point?

For understanding life

The West begins from individualism

And thinks the individual

Is the supreme value and starting point

This leads to all kinds of private benefits and

Outrageous inequality


Communisn begins from the group, the collective

And individuals must live and shape their lives within this larger reality

This has led to all kinds of oppression and harm to human beings


Catholic moral teaching begins from a completely different understanding

Human beings are ‘persons in society’

A person is by definition a related individual

Not an isolated individual

And that makes all the difference

And society is made up of related persons


The West’s championing of individualism in its liberal democracies has made many people excessively rich while many more fall by the wayside


Individualism is as mistaken as is collectivism


Individual does not describe me at all

Human person with all its connotations of child, son, daughter, relative describes me exactly in my human reality.


Brian Fahy

19 March 2022

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