Finding Your Way

Feeling all alone when Margaret died

Michael now with Holly

And in Florida on holiday

I felt all connections broken

What to do

Why not go back to Ireland

Land of all my dreams

Two sisters there

A pleasant town

I could settle so it seemed


Waiting for a train on Stirling station

Got talking to a lady about these plans

Go for just six months

She said to me

See how you like it

That will help you see


As it was I knew when I had landed

I am a stranger here

A visitor

That’s how I enjoy it

It isn’t meant to be

Any more than a happy holiday


Meanwhile in America my son

Had got my text

Announcing my new dream

It really knocked him sideways

What’s this all about!

When he returned we’d sort the matter out


By then of course my madness had subsided

A calmer person met him when he came

And I apologised for even sending him a text

Upsetting him like that on holiday


The years have passed they’re married now

And children

Two lovely boys have come to badger me

They fill my life with loveliness

I watch them as they grow

To think of what I would have missed

Had I resolved to go


The man who thought of leaving

Was a lonely man indeed

An isolated individual

And that is not a healthy way for anyone to be

Our life is our relationships

Others help us see


My son and now my grandsons

Have given me full life

And belonging is the only way to be

Don’t run away from feelings

Face them if you can

Be patient in the darkness

The sun will rise again


Brian Fahy

19 March 2022

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