Good Teachers

What’s going on?

It’s time to go to school

And learn about the reasons for this war

Listen to learned people

Amazing what they know

Peter Hitchens David Starkey

Not everyone’s cup of tea

I find them fascinating

They are helping me


And now I find another man

Very very good

His name John Mearsheimer

Now I have understood

The story of Ukraine

And Nato’s eastward action

Too easy blaming Putin

Without some self reflection


Brian Fahy

19 March 2022


+ The present crisis in Ukraine has sent me back to school. I find You Tube very helpful in the interviews and lectures you can find there. I have just discovered John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and he gives a very clear analysis of the part the West has played in bringing us to the present sorry situation. The mote in Putin’s eye we see all too clearly. The beam in our own we are not even aware of.

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