Mother of the Lord

Dying soldiers on the battlefield

Cry out for their mothers in their need

The ones who gave them life

Be with them now

And hold them close

As life’s last breath they heed


So now we call on Mary

Mother of us all

And consecrate to her

Those who fight and fall

Russia and Ukraine

Be in her arms

A mother’s love to temper all alarms


Since Christ has died and risen from the dead

Nothing now can frighten us

Nor bring our hearts to dread

The sorrows that we face

The cruel deed

Shall not destroy us

Fervently we plead


Mother of the Lord

Be with us now

Help us stand beside the Lord who died

And persevere through darkness

And survive

And find our Easter

And our peace beside


Brian Fahy

18 March 2022


+ Pope Francis will consecrate the people of Russia and Ukraine to Mary, mother of the Lord, at a special Mass on 25th March 2022.

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