A Bright Moon


I am war weary

And I am far away

From bombs and bullets and burning buildings

BBC bulletins keep me apprised

But I don’t want to know

How a young child dies


I don’t turn away

Not completely

I must stay and watch while others suffer

Like Mary at the cross with John

It is a duty of love to stand and look on

Helpless to help

Hoping it will soon be over

And life can carry on

If that is what we do


I saw the moon last night

Bright over my head

And this morning in the paper

Bright over Ukraine dead


All fighting is wearisome

Draining energy of life clean out of us

And I think of unhappy homes

Unhappy people

Forever at each other’s throats

Draining out the life

And making children cry


Brian Fahy

18 March 2022

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