In Paddy’s Land

My father loved a song

And he could sing one

And as a child I sat upon his knee

And on this quiet Paddy’s Day

I sense I hear him still

Singing in his pleasant voice

‘That little old mud cabin on the hill’


A song of emigration

It describes the foreign shore

Where Irish people headed

Their home they’d see no more

My father’s father one such man

Who left for good or ill

Leaving his home in Slinaun

A little old mud cabin on a hill


My father knew what hard times were

He grew up in poverty

Worked the mine and soldiered far away

His sentiment was healthy

No maudlin tone from him

He’d make the best of what he had

That sentiment will stay


And one line I remember well

Upon my father’s knee

As he sang the song that comes into my mind

The sorry state of Ireland

Too long it was unkind

‘In Paddy’s land but poverty you’ll find’


Brian Fahy

17 March 2022


+ On YouTube you can find a recording of this song by Denis Murray and Sean Dunphy, recorded at the Galtymore in Cricklewood in 2001.

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