All Grown Up

People who have never been loved

Grow old

But they never grow up

For it is love that makes us flourish

As sun causes flowers to open

Love awakens the heart


And we are never done with growing up

So do not think that you have reached


You have not

But every day persist and persevere

Advance to heights you’ve never been before

Every day calls out for something more

More loving and more gracious than before


The rain falls on just unjust alike

Be good as God is good

And do not kill

Do not maim

Do not show ill will


People only grow when they are loved

Love every day

And help the world grow up


Brian Fahy

12 March 2022


+ I am re-reading Jeanette Winterson’s autobiography, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? Her writing is powerful, insightful and hilarious.

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