A Sore Reminder


A red card given early

Head butt off you go

Made me think of Anglo-Irish relations

A problem not very long ago

A century of troubles

Indeed from famine times

Trevelyan Lord John Russell

Neglect and other crimes

Parnell and Redmond

Lloyd George and the War

That fateful Easter Rising

And the man shot in a chair

And then the bitter fighting

Auxiliaries Black and Tans

The struggle for the Treaty

Man on Irish man


Scotland Wales at rugby

Are battles keenly fought

And England is the ancient foe

Political juggernaut

But England versus Ireland

Here now strangers meet

We dared to leave the empire

Your guns blew up our street


The wounds they are not healed yet

Memories linger long

And people on both sides have lost

A daughter and a son

And what will slow the process

Is ignorance on both sides

If we do not make the effort

Then walls will us divide


Old attitudes were awful

I saw them with my eyes

England was hated

Ireland was despised

We need an active real intent

Neighbours now to be

And help each other along the road

For true prosperity


Brian Fahy

12 March 2022


+ Ireland has long depended on England for work and for trade even as it found English rule unwelcome. We have lived with a hundred years of resentment between the two countries since the bloody separation took place. I think that England, in the main, politically, lives as if Ireland does not exist.


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