Thoughts in War Time

It is hard to change the habits of a lifetime

And it’s been a long long time since Russia fell

Fell from the clutches of the Romanovs

Into the depths of communism’s well


Invaded twice from Europe’s neighbouring heartland

They suffered millions dying in the snow

And Communism’s cruel cold collective

And a people who have nowhere else to go


Now their own people are arrested

That is nothing new ‘twas always so

And fed a meagre diet of information

Their soldiers fight and go where told to go


The brainwashing of years won’t go away

And memory of woes will linger on

All their sorrows came from out the West

Can’t expect that they will sing our song


The history of invasion from the West

The cruel system suffered from within

Leaves a people unsure and suspicious

And a dictator like Vladimir Putin


Often at my sink with stains resistant

I employ the force of elbow grease to win

Far better is to sit the pan in water

And let the liquid loosen all within


Force will not change the hard of heart

Only the power of love can win

Diplomacy can really play its part

To rid the world of sorrow and of sin


Brian Fahy

7 March 2022

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