If I was still a preacher

What would my sermon be today?

Mulling over scripture

And the things the Lord does say

Says his life is suffering

Talks about a cross

So much suffering in this world

Grief and so much loss


Every life knows sorrow

Some from the very start

Thinking of Lemn Sissay

And his lonely heart

Think of domestic violence

And murders in the street

Think of Sarah Everard

And the door she’d never meet


What says Jesus to all this?

This man of hope and joy

Who tells us, ‘do not be afraid’

What words does he employ?

Take up your cross and follow me

The instruction now is given

Good intentions are not enough

That’s the other road – not heaven


So here’s the cross and the crucified

Emblem of the faith

Take it every day and walk

The path and do not faint

Lose your life in love he says

Open up your heart

Bear the burden of the day

Pray and play your part


Brian Fahy

3 March 2022

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