What we did to Germany was awful

What they did to us was awful too

The bombing of the cities

Civilians terrorised

Coventry Hamburg Dresden

Terror from the skies


Once a war has started

Hell is multiplied

More and more join in the fight

Millions have died

World wars went on for years

Until the knock out blow

All sides feel justified

And fall in Russian snow


Putin thinks he has the power

And justifies the deed

Now a dictator has his hour

Security his need

But safety will not come to him

He has no peaceful dreams

His wickedness recoils on him

He is Stalin now it seems


We must stand strong against him

Refuse to play his game

Deal with him in our own way

Cut him dead the same

Like Captain Boycott round Lough Mask

He will not last too long

When the world goes on without him

He will pay for all his wrong


Brian Fahy

2 March 2022

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