Face It

I came back Sunday evening

A student met me then

What happened to you? He queried

Upon seeing my mien

He was right to question

My face it had a glow

A new way of seeing

Since Friday night so low


A weekend course refreshed me

 A direct talking to

A confrontation set me right

A long time coming too

I had gone away downhearted

Weary with my work

Carrying an inner burden

A thing I could not shirk


Two women friends had noticed

And ambushed me together

I spilled my burden to them

It lightened up my weather

And so upon returning

A glow was in my face

My student friend he noticed

I had suddenly come to grace


Brian Fahy

20 February 2022


+ Many years ago I was chaplain member of the Beginning Experience, a spiritual movement that helps people stuck in grief and bereavement, be it from death, separation or divorce. I was also in charge of students in the Redemptorist student house. One weekend course saw me return with new vigour and the evidence was written on my face. When our spirit is healthy it shines through on our face. Just as the glow on the face of Jesus caused amazement among the crowd when he came down from the mountain of transfiguration. (Mark 9:14-29)

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