South London Times

I used to play for Clapham Harps

London SW4

A football team of Irish lads

Sawf London lads and more

Johnny Harte he was our manager

A native of Kildare

Lovely fellow gentle man

Never heard him swear


I was upper twenties then

Slowing down a bit

But happy to be playing

I could play a bit

You’ve got a shot so use it

Johnny said to me

You’re too sparing with that shot of yours

I know and I agree


I knew the gifts I had in me

But the church had let them go

All my powers and gifts that time

They didn’t want to know

And I was soft and gentle

I wouldn’t give a shout

Until the day I left them

To see what I’m about


My sister Tricia saw it all

With eyes so clear and true

You could be anything you want

You have it all in you

But the Church came by and grabbed you

You didn’t stand a chance

She cried when I was priested

I am lost now to the dance


Brian Fahy

18 February 2022

+ After training on a Thursday night, during Lent, all the Irish lads were in the pub drinking lemonade, while I, the priest enjoyed my pint of Guinness. The benefit of being only Irish descent!

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