Father Figure

When I need encouragement

Or straightening out a bit

I talk to my father

And he’s been dead a bit

He died in 1988

On Saint Patrick’s Day

The beginning of the Cheltenham Festival

He would have backed a horse that day


I hear his voice

I see him now

Sitting in his chair

Not one to pontificate

But a father always there

I recognised his wisdom

His quiet manly air

It doesn’t end that fathering

He’s there

He’s always there


So how can people manage without a dad?

Many have to

That’s the truth of it

But a mother’s warm embrace

Her constancy and grace

Is balanced by a father’s manly way


That lad I saw in prison

Where’s his dad?

Where is the steady hand?

The calming word

These lads they have no hinterland

No refuge from the cold

A father is a faithful friend

His every word well told


Brian Fahy

16 February 2022

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