Old Friend

An old acquaintance has died

Not seen these many years

I knew him as a lad at school

And in seminary years

We gave a mission in ’83

In Pudsey Yorkshire way

Our paths have hardly crossed since then

He died the other day


Two years my junior lovely lad

Made a lovely priest

Faithful kind and positive

Guileless too I think

Mighty son of Swanlinbar

Spent his life in Brum

Gone now to the place of rest

Met the setting sun


Made me quiet thoughtful

When I heard last night

What is the fitting attitude?

For one who fought the fight

Into thy hands O Lord

Your servant we commend

And help us live a holy life

Together till the end


Brian Fahy

7 February 2022


+ This old acquaintance is Gabriel Maguire CSsR, fellow seminarian and friend of long ago, who has died aged 73 years.

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