I Am Me

I smile

At the selfishness of a child

Not that they are selfish

But at their sense of self

They only know themselves

And what they feel

They are not intimidated

The world is just for them

Quite right too

Welcome to the world

And what is real


But sense of self diminishes

As the wide world rushes in

And we retreat to shyness

Aware of our within

And making friends will help us

Restore equality

And make our way in confidence

To lose it is a sin


Life’s journey throws up challenges

Some take us by surprise

And we are shaken many a time

By the look in others’ eyes

And some give in to selfishness

There seems no other way

Until we find the child again

And the child will have his say


Brian Fahy

6 February 2022


+ Watching my grandsons teaches me about a child’s powerful sense of self. I am all I know at that age. It is a terrific sense of self. I also remember walking the streets of Liverpool one time and meeting young children and asking their names. One child was so young her answer to my question was, ‘I’m me.’ So are we all.

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