Life Goes On

He left her for a moment

And she was gone

His little sister stolen kidnapped gone

And ever since he’s lived his life

Looking for that girl

To find her or find out

Just what happened to her


He kind of blames himself

Though not to blame

Because he was there beside her

She was his sister

She belonged to him

And belonging leads to longing

When we’re gone

And she is gone these fifty years

Fifty years too long


To kill someone

To put someone to death

There is no greater sorrow

No not one

But killers often do not feel the pain

They cut off all connection

That’s the shame


And we who lose our loved ones

Suffer most

To lose a child

Sooner give up the ghost

Such suffering beyond all words to tell

Terrible but not the gates of hell


Over all this the cross of Christ stands bold

The greatest love and story ever told

The worst that we can do

The worst we suffer too

He suffered and endured

To set us free


Free from death

And from its cruel curse

The end of life is changed

The Christian verse

And Christ the morning star

Rising in the sky

Assures us of our rising

You and I


Brian Fahy

5 February 2022


+ Cheryl Grimmer, aged 3, was stolen from a beach in Australia in January 1970, never to be seen again. Her bother, Ricki, has spent his life looking for her.


St Paul writing to the Corinthians explains the essence of his teaching about Jesus. If Jesus is not risen from the dead, then death wins.


In an interview today Lauren Laverne, host of Desert Island Discs, is asked, ‘What happens when we die?’ She replies, ‘Life goes on.’


Life goes on. Yes indeed.

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