The Gadarene Swine

Magnificent mouthful of a phrase

Wrap your tongue around it spit it out

Bestow it on your enemy with glee

Elegant and elongated words

Delight us when we want to damn our foe

‘Get goo-ing and get gone’ we said of old

In Tyldesley when our anger was unfurled


But I digress…


The gospel story shows a man deranged

Wandering among tombs a man alone

Uncontrolled and uncontrollable

And Jesus heals him

Calms his raging storm


People fear what they do not understand

And so the locals give the Lord command

Leave this place and leave us be

The lunatic is gone

Our pigs gone too

Whoever you are depart this place

Now shoo


The story shows us that this Lord

Is a healing man by touch and look and word

Who responds to faith and by sympathy is drawn

To heal us when we cry to him each morn


Whatever torment troubles now your soul

Call on him implore his help by day

He will not leave you friendless among the tombs

But healing you will set you on your way


Brian Fahy

31 January 2022


+ As a preacher, situated between the gospel and the congregation at mass, I knew that there is a message, a living word, to give each day to people in their lives. I set myself to hear it, to find it and so to deliver it each day. I enjoyed the challenge of this task. It has been my whole life. Why would I stop?

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