Serving The System

Public school for those of private means

Moneyed people the toffs the ruling class

Special education university

Access to position in society

Keep it in the family

Money most of all


Church needs priests

Start a seminary

Round up boys from home


Keep them from the girls

Help them morph through time

To celibate


This is grooming

Never education

Recruiting units

The system now to serve

It’s broken now

What’s left is ruined houses

Indictment of self-serving selfishness


Clothed in black

All life drained out of them

Brian’s gone

My father said the night I went away

He knew it then

He’d lost his first-born son


Brian Fahy

30 January 2022


+ A newspaper headline caught my eye this morning. Justin Webb says, ‘I weep for any child who, like me, is sent to boarding school at eleven.’ It set me thinking about how and why public schools in the UK and junior seminaries originated. They are systems of educating certain chosen ones to grow up and to inherit and to perpetuate the system, be it the privileged classes who rule the country or the elected ones who become the clergy.


To take children away from their parents and siblings and friends and locality is a cruel and unjust thing to do.


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