Can You See Me?


In their defence

They are just like us – the Nazarenes

We’ve done a background check they say

We know who you are

Trained as a carpenter

Now you come back here

Parading yourself as a preacher

And expect us to listen to you


Jesus knows that too

They won’t listen

Well they do at first

Because he makes a good impression

Speaks well

But then hold on a minute

We know this bloke

This is old Joe’s son

Who does he think he is to lecture us!


We look at one another with old worn eyes

Not with new

We see old faded photographs

Sepia prints of you

This is who you are

I’ve always known

How can you be different

From the old old tune


We fail to see who stands before our eyes

Seen it all before

No surprise

But if I stop and bathe my eyes anew

Well well well

Fancy meeting you


Brian Fahy

30 January 2022

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