Tell Me A Story

I imagine the seanchai in Ireland

On winter’s nights around a burning flame

Bright faces eager for the story

What happened then was it truth or game?


I see my grandsons eager for a story

Show me read me tell me all the tale

I read Harry Potter to our Michael

And made up stories as into dreams he’d sail


At evening time I look about the telly

To see what drama I might watch tonight

I need I want a story before bedtime

Mystery or detective but not fright


But best of all a good book on the go

Fulfils our deepest needs be in the flow

And tomorrow I will go to Waterstones

And select one Denise Mina and her tomes


My house at evening quiet only me

And company is what we seek for most

And we read to know that we are not alone

A book I’ll welcome I will be the host


Brian Fahy

27 January 2022

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