Give Us This Day

I’m not ill

I’m not in hospital

This is what I tell myself

When self-pity comes to call

And negative thoughts are long since barred

Counselling saw to that

I came to see the truth of things

I can still walk out to bat


My world collapsed when Margaret died

It took a while to fall

Gradually everything crumbled

Till I could not stand at all

I couldn’t cook

I hardly cleaned

I looked out into space

Believing that my life was over

The day I could not face


I knew that I must find someone

In whom I could confide

Tell the sorrows of my heart

No more need to hide

In that telling I grew tall

Straightened up once more

Realised the truth of things

I can take the floor


Every word you say today

Everything you do

This our daily challenge

Makes or unmakes you

We stand before the face of God

We never live alone

Listen to the saviour’s voice

Let that be your home


Brian Fahy

26 January 2022

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